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EldonCard Blood Typing Kits


Do you know your blood type? Most Americans don't...
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Eldoncard Professional Kit Includes: Individual Kit Includes:
10 Eldoncards
45 Eldonsticks
 1 W
ater Pipette
 1 Results chart
 1 Instruction Sheet

*lancet, alcohol, band-aid, & gauze not included in professional kits

1 Eldoncard
4 Eldonsticks
2 Safety Lancets
1 Gauze Pad
1 Band-aid
1 Alcohol Swab
1 Water Pipette
1 Results chart
Detailed Instructions

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Intended Use:
This fast, easy to use blood typing kit will give your clients or patients valuable information using only a finger-stick.  The Eldoncard is a patented test card device that comes specially treated and impregnated with dried antibody sera Anti-A, Anti-B and Anti-Rh used universally for determining Blood Type by the forward typing method.  After only a minute of coagulation, the test card to the left can be compared to the Results Chart (see below) to determine the correct blood grouping.


Blood typing is determined by the type of antigens or markers that are on the surface of red blood cells (either "A" or "B") and if there are antibodies to a portion of the blood type known as the Rh factor (either "positive" or "negative"). Blood type is inherited from, and dependent upon, the blood type of an individual's parents. In the case of a transfusion, a person's blood type needs to be compatible with the donor's blood type or an allergic-type reaction can occur resulting from the immune system of the recipient attacking the incompatible donor blood cells as invading organisms. Also, it is also very important to know the Rh factor status when woman is pregnant. If a pregnant woman is Rh negative and her baby is Rh positive, the mother's immune system can sometimes attack the baby's blood cells because of the differing blood types. All pregnant women should routinely have a blood typing test done to see if they are at risk. This blood typing should generally be done as part of routine prenatal care. 


1.  Fill a glass with water.  Draw a small amount of water into the dropper and release one drop onto each of the circular fields.


2.  Disinfect finger with the alcohol pad and let the finger dry.

3.  Place the safety lancet firmly against the tip of your finger.  The lancet will automatically release and nick the finger.  This is a one time use lancet.  An extra lancet is provided if necessary.

4.  Massage the blood towards the fingertip.  Place one drop of blood onto the tip of the first Eldonstick.  The drop of blood should cover the end of the Eldonstick and be an 1/8th of an inch in height.


5.  Place the stick on the first circular field.  Keep each stick inside it's own field.  Stir the blood inside the field for app. 10 seconds.  Then spread the blood to the borders of the circular field.  Do not lift the stick off the card while stirring.  Note:  The stirring must be initiated within two minutes after the blood has been applied onto the stick in order to avoid coagulation.  Repeat steps 4 & 5 for each circular field using a new Eldonstick for each.


6.  Tilt the card to a slight  upright vertical position and wait 10 sec.  A wave of blood will move the red cells slowly to the bottom of the fields. Do not let the blood flow outside of the circle. Tilt the card the opposite vertical position and wait another 10 seconds.  Tilt twice more on the remaining edges for 10 seconds each.  The results can now be read by comparing the card to the results chart.  Let the Eldoncard dry at room temperature.



Interpretation of Results:

Included with each test kit is a color results chart shown below.  This chart illustrates the different test results possible on the Eldoncard.  After the blood typing test is completed and fully developed, the Eldoncard will resemble one of the graphics on the chart.  The blood type and Rh factor can now be determined by matching the results on the card with the chart below.

**For Personal Use Only, Not For Medical Use. Not For Use Prior To Transfusion**





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